Communities for Consumer Insight


Let the consumer’s voice drive your business decisions – from product development to live brand tracking and media performance

What we do?

We generate reliable consumer insight from communities both in the UK and globally.

No matter what business challenge you face, we can help…

Designing new products

Defining your market

Segmenting your customers

Improving your services

Measuring your media campaigns

Tracking path to purchase


“MindMover’s expertise enabled us to decide which attributes were the most likely to drive purchase at the market price and which we could take out without effecting sales thus significantly improving our margins”

Nicola Hobson  |  Client



Over the last 18 years, we have developed our expertise to offer clients a number of specific research products aimed at solving the complex challenges that businesses face. These products come under four main categories: Market Understanding, Media Performance, Product Optimisation and Customer Engagement


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