Build a community of your customers for your business

Community /kəˈmjuːnɪti/noun: a network of people connected through shared values, mutual support and a common sense of purpose


Your business is part of a community; a network of customers old and new, regular and potential. So you will already understand how vital that community is to the success of your business and much more than just a group of paying customers.

They can give you authentic feedback and inspiration allowing you to continually provide the best products and services possible. They can help your business become even more successful.

How can a community help you?

With MindMover, in connection with your customer community, you can access an always-on stream of data to track industry trends and gain live customer insight to guide your long-term strategic business goals. Your community can help you in many ways…


No matter what business challenge you face, we can help…

Designing new products

Defining your market

Segmenting your customers

Improving your services

Measuring your media campaigns

Tracking path to purchase


“The essence of a community is a sense of belonging. While there is a collective spirit, there is also the understanding that you matter and what you say matters, which gives the freedom to self-express in an authentic way.”

Mark Ursell  |  MindMover CEO


Our Story

At MindMover, we are passionate about the importance of connecting and nurturing trustworthy communities for business. We believe that by having access to a community of customers you can rely on is paramount to success. Big or small, every community we build is valuable, providing our clients with quick, honest feedback and collective support.


Over the last 20 years, we have honed our community engagement techniques to provide the very best market insight both here in the UK and all over the world. And during this process, we have developed a wide range of unique insight tools, to turn data into useful, practical business solutions.



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