Building communities for our clients that put the customer at the heart of the business.


What we do?

We generate insight from consumer communities built on bespoke technology. We have our own UK community, access to global communities through partners and build bespoke communities for clients’ specific needs.

We have solved many challenges for clients including; 

Product & Services

Create and refine concepts and products that customers really want. How aware are clients of your product, how do they use is and how does it fit into there everyday lives. What could be improved. What are the optimum number of features to have in the products that deliver benefits to customers at a good margin.


What is the optimum price to sell at and how does this compare to competitors

Marketing & Advertising

Optimise your point of sale, marketing collateral and Media executions to ensure your message gets over to consumers and stimulates purchase and usage. Has your advertising worked, increased awareness over the course of the campaign and delivered return on investment


Defining the size of the market and the opportunity that exists for your product. Is the product worth the investment an dis the opportunity large enough. Define the consumer segments and characteristics and how consumers use your product and competitors. Where are the gaps and opportunities for you to grow

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“MindMover’s expertise enabled us to decide which attributes were the most likely to drive purchase at the market price and which we could take out without effecting sales thus significantly improving our margins”

Nicola Hobson  |  Client



Founded in 1999, we were one of the first agencies to embrace what emerging technology and digital platforms could offer in a market research context. We came mainly from food research backgrounds, so we started there – building online communities of customers to help manufacturers, retailers and restaurants come up with better ideas for their customers.

Over time, we realised this idea didn’t just work in food (although we retain a love of all things foodie) and started working with utilities, media, healthcare, beauty - whatever the industry – companies need to listen closely and continuously to customers and build an ongoing relationship with them. Over the last 17 years we are proud to have built over 50 community panels for our ongoing, global client base.

We remain dedicated in our pursuit of the new, but always grounded in good research principle. We have fallen off the horse a good few times (especially at the start), but now offer our clients unparalleled experience, a genuine partnership approach, but always with a strong sense of fun and adventure thrown in.


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