Consensus in the UK population for Remain or a Deal with the EU.

Brexit 3-01.jpg

While Parliament's debates on Brexit have been raging back and forth, MindMover has been conducting ongoing research into the changing attitudes of the UK towards the Brexit issue.

MindMover's latest survey (of 2327 representative UK adults) shows that 65% currently wish to remain in the EU or strike a deal. At an overall level, the population appears to be in a deadlock, with a virtual dead-heat between those who would prefer to leave (46.5%) versus those who wish to remain (47.0%). An additional percentage are still undecided on the whole issue (6.5%).

However, when pushed on specific preferences, the 46.5% of leave-supporters are split between those wanting no-deal (35.1%) and those wanting a deal with the EU as set out by the Prime Minister (18.4%). So while on the surface the population appears evenly divided, we now see that there is, in fact, a clear majority for 'some' form of relationship with the EU, sidelining the 35.1% of hard-line Brexiters into a minority.

In addition to standard questions, MindMover's survey also used a set of Emojis designed specifically for Market Research. These Emojis create a 'Passion Score' (PS) by combining positivity with intensity, derived from the Emoji images. This score ranges from 0-100.

Interestingly, those who would now vote to remain are in fact the most passionate, with a PS of 70. This is more so that supporters of no-deal (who have a PS of 63), and those backing the Prime Minister's deal (who have a PS of 56). The smallest group: the 'Undecideds' are actually the ones most positive about the deal option that was proposed by the Prime Minister.

Overall, the survey clearly shows that Undecideds, Remainers and a significant proportion of those who originally voted for Brexit still want some form of long term relationship with the EU and avoid crashing out with no deal. Whether this new 'will of the people' is reflected in the final Brexit outcome will be very interesting to see as current events unfold.