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Designing new products

Take the guesswork out of new product design. Find out what your customers actually want by engaging with the members of your community – those people most likely to invest in your idea.

We have developed a series of market research techniques, which will help you refine your product offer and allow you to launch with confidence. These include:

Understanding trade-off decisions

Working with your community, we test product concepts using a trade-off exercise to give precise direction on which combination of features customers are most likely to purchase. This will enable you to shortlist, and prioritise, the features worth investing in.


Bring your customers into the creative development process. We can equip pop-up communities with scribble pads, card sorters, video clips and images, to inspire and refine your ideas.

Concept testing

Screen multiple concepts and ideas with your community to decide which are the most likely to appeal to consumers.


Defining your market

By talking to your customer community you can ensure that you invest in the right places with the right offers. To do this, we have developed several insight tools:

 Usage & Attitudes (U&A)

U&A studies help you define who your target market is and, by engaging with them, understand what factors drive their purchasing.

Market Sizing

Our expertly constructed surveys, combined with a market-leading omnibus, help you measure the true size of your target market and ensure it is worthy of investment.


Segmenting your customers

Data Fusion

By fusing multiple data sources, we can connect the dots between existing behaviour, consumer insights and future behaviour, giving you an holistic customer view with predictive capabilities. For example, we can fuse:

•  Customer satisfaction data

•  Repeat purchase data

•  Specific data gathered through bespoke, targeted questionnaires

•  Customer behaviour data gathered through passive tracking

This helps to group those customers within your community that share similar behaviours in order to better understand and pre-empt your customers’ different journeys.

Customer Segmentation

Our research models allow you to categorise your customers within the community into segments based on their behaviours, spending or demographics, for example, to ensure you tailor your business towards the segments that provide maximum value.

Improving your services

Our research has shown that customer purchasing is almost always down to the emotional engagement between brands and consumers. Understanding and measuring this emotional engagement, as well as customer satisfaction, is key to developing long-term loyalty. To make this process as straightforward and accurate as possible, we have developed a series of unique MindMover statistical models.

 Emotional Engagement

We have developed a process in conjunction with Dr Aiden Greg to measure your customer community’s genuine responses to, and engagement with, different brands.

 Customer Satisfaction

We can run a continuous tracking programme to establish key performance indicators. Our engaging MindMover surveys are connected to interactive dashboards, delivering feedback across your entire customer community.


Measuring your media campaigns

Our Media Performance products are designed to help you measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns across your customer community to optimise your point of sale, advertising and media executions:

Communication testing

Refine your marketing communications, from direct mail to online banner ads and TV advertising. Be confident that your campaign delivers the desired message to each relevant customer segment and, if not, what amendments need to be made.

 Advertising effectiveness

We can track how your advertising performs to optimise future media spend and help demonstrate the value of your investment. 


Path to purchase

We communicate with your customers, as well as a wider representation of UK consumers, to define their purchasing journey – from awareness and consideration of your products or services, to purchase and evaluation of their experience. Understanding the key triggers that influence their decisions along the way will ensure you pull the right levers to put your product front of mind.


Using communities to understand consumer needs 

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