Pingza contacted MindMover with a view to commissioning research that market-sized the potential demand for a new wine mobile app and what the current gaps were in the market. 

We set up a two-stage study, where stage 1 robustly profiled the demand for this new app. Here we used a syndicated omnibus that offered a superior sampling to give us an accurate profile for the bullseye audience for targeting. Having collected postcode data we appended MOSAIC coding to see what the different consumer’s segments were, thereby bringing the consumer to life. 


We used the profile of the bullseye audience to recruit for the second stage of the study. Here we ran an online community of 40 wine app users (a mixture of current users, lapsed and prospective users) to inform the design of a new app based on a combination of understanding wine-related behaviour and experience with current app usage. Our online community lasted 5 days and on each day we had a new set of wine related tasks. Our survey outputs featured videos that showed the strengths and weakness of the current apps on the market. 

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